Postgraduate Blues

smooth sailing, guys.

This time two years ago I was experiencing what they call “postgraduate blues”. A heavy feeling and state of depression that I later discovered was shared amongst a lot of my friends.

University amped us up, put us on a pedestal and told us that the world was ours only to be knocked down by the very harsh reality of entry level pay grades and dead end jobs.

This letdown of adulthood was worse than getting kicked out of a club by two bouncers half my size. Easily one of the worst moments of my life. (Another story for another time, my friends).

Four different jobs in less than a year, I realized it was time to take a chance on something or get used to saying, β€œIs that with fries or salad?”. Worst serving job of my life, for the record.

I took a leap of faith and chose to go back to school for a supposed dying industry that will quite possibly land me back in a less entitled state of disparity.

But, I’m ready.

I followed my passion and love for writing. For me, that’s a win.

I’ve taken chances, and jumped on opportunities that the University me would have been way too lazy or scared to do.

I’m nearing the end of yet another post-secondary education, and I think that things will be okay this time regardless of what happens.

At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.