Not So Grown Up

My parents have bailed me out of more situations than I can count. Seeing as they are parents, most would argue that this is their job.

But at 23-years-old, I feel like I should probably be adult enough to figure some things out on my own. Right? Wrong.

Adulting: How hard is it really?

Well, let me tell you.

I am not easily panicked. But when it comes to directions or being lost, I am about a 17 on a 10-point stress scale.

I am severely directionally challenged, and one of my most reliable and consistent relationships is with my GPS.

Not long ago, I got lost downtown Toronto. Unlike the many other times I’ve been lost in this great city, I had driven my car down for the first time and had to navigate my way back without public transit.

I ran out of data for the month, which means I couldn’t use my trusty and beloved Google Maps app.

Since reading street signs is apparently below me, I thought I’d just drive in the direction in which I came.

At one point I ended up in the streetcar lane and had one of them barrelling towards me. Strange… I thought…. A bus driving in the wrong lane.

*Swerves to avoid head on collision*

I was driving for what seemed like forever. Things were looking a lot less city and a lot less familiar. I was lost. Really, really lost.

I pulled over into a random parking lot plaza and started having a pretty decent meltdown.

My dramatic self: This is it. This is the end. I am never getting home.

I’m pathetic, I know.

So, naturally, I called my parents.

It was a group effort on their part, really. One calmed me down while the other tracked my location. I provided the name of a nearby intersection which neither of them understood how I ended up at.

My dad became the compassionate version of Siri, while my mom yelled at me to stop going over my phone plan. They make a great pair, truthfully.

My dad told me every turn and every highway merge to make. He even stuck with me when I got lost two more times during his instructions. Patience of angel, that man.

When I got home, I went right in for the dad hug.

He was choking back laughter and I was choking back tears. Classic.


Adulthood: 47   Celeste:0