The Uber Series – Part 1.

Growing up as kids, we were told to never get in to cars with strangers.

Thanks to Uber, this practice has been made slightly more acceptable. So long as the person behind the wheel has a GPS on their dash, and lets you and your drunk friends take hold of the aux cord, then you’re typically in good hands.

I proudly hold a 4.82 rating on my Uber app.

Considering the amount of times that I’ve been the stranger that an Uber driver wishes they never got into a car with, this is a fairly good standing.

These angels in Honda Civics have been saving me from terrible parties, bars, and places I shouldn’t be at since 2013.

I had one driver witness me take a flight of front porch steps tailbone first. I opened my eyes to a man above me asking if I was okay. He picked me up twice that night. A real Prince Charming.

However, I’ve had my share of very uncomfortable Uber rides that have made the tuck and roll seem like a viable option at the time.

One time I had this very old, and obviously lonely driver, try to convince me to get a late night dinner with him. At one point he started taking the wrong route to my house.

My inner child started screaming, “I told you so!!!!”.

Thankfully, my visible panic and protest to take me home drove him to reroute his plan.

Like anyone, I’d rather wake up in the comfort of my own bed covered in the remnants of last night’s kitchen concoction than not wake up at all because I heard the words, “Free pizza”.

A little dark, but a lot true.

Although, I will say that most of my Uber rides have been without issue. Most of the time I find myself feeling bad for the driver.

My friends and I sing way out of tune, and we have zero shame when it comes to talking about things in front of you that you probably don’t want to hear.

“He put what, where?!”

Sorry, not sorry.

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