Anniversary Post.

I just celebrated my three-month anniversary. At first, we weren’t well acquainted. In fact, I knew nothing. Initially, it was too fast paced, very intimidating but overall intriguing. Now, I find myself committed to one of the greatest loves I never thought I’d see myself fall for. Beer.

I work at brewery in my hometown of Whitby, Ontario. Before I knew what craft beer was, I thought the term “hoppy” or “hops” was purely a description word and not an actual ingredient.

How did I get this job? I’m still wondering.

Up until this past year, I found myself in a tasteless relationship with anything alcohol. Coors light? Beefeater gin? $6 bottle of wine? You name it. What are taste buds and easy Sunday mornings, anyways. Am I right?

I went into this thinking I knew what I liked and how I liked it. It should be light, taste like water and go down easy. Yes, I’m still referring to beer. Stay with me.

When I discovered the deliciousness of craft beer, I found myself running into the arms of a community filled with countless bearded men, plaid, and strong women that knew what the heck they were doing.

I found a world in which my favourite things like chocolate, coffee, fruit and plant-like substances were appreciated and refined to create something amazing.

Working at a brewery has not only brought me an incredible amount of joy, but an entirely new appreciation for the craft that is beer. I get to see and understand the process from grain, to fermenter, to bottle, to lips. It’s truly a work of art.

As the one to pour your beer, I’ve learned that we can all be very stuck in our ways. We refuse to try new things and allow ourselves to be surprised by the unexpected. Craft beer offers the inexperienced an endless variety and the opportunity to find something worth drinking.

Or, in my case… the opportunity to find something worth committing to.

So, let me raise a bottomless pint to one of my most happy, successful and longest relationships to date.


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